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Our tire and rim preparations, vehicle inspections and other auto maintenance services are all good value for your money.

As a regular customer, you will benefit furthermore of our already low rates.

1. Repair shop service charge

Repair shop service charge 73 €/h
Usage of a rental car during maintenance 8 €/h (includes 100 km of driving)

2. Auto body repair shop service charge

Auto body repair shop service charge 78 €/h

3. Tire and rim services

Rims work:

  • steel rim 16 €, aluminium rim 20 € (includes removal and installation of tire, wheel work and stabilization)

Tire hotel 20 €/season
ASK FOR WINTER TIRE OFFERS by phone or by using the contact form.

4. 4-wheel alignment

4-wheel alignment

  • inspection of chassis and alignment 25 €
  • front axle alignment 32 €
  • rear axle alignment 32 €

NB! Screw adjusted shafts – the work does not include loosening of stuck joints or joint detachments.

5. Inspection service and emission testing

inspection 15 €
emission testing:

  • gasoline vehicles 10 €
  • diesel vehicles 20 €

Inspection pick up service 20 € + any inspection service fee

6. Motor oil and filter change

Motor oil and filter change:
Service charge 20 €
Mobil 0W-40 13.90 €/l (other Mobil oils are available, as well)

7. Windshield rock chip repair

Total price 69 €

  • includes work and glues

8. System fault diagnosis

Detection and recording of system faults 10 €
We use fault detection systems such as HMW, Autocom or Bosch, as well as the testing systems of Toyota and Skoda.

9. Air conditioner maintenance

Air conditioner maintenance
Incl. coolant, oils and leak detection fluid

10. Sale, installation and maintenance of alcolocks

We sell and install alcolocks in Kempele.

11. CaravanControl installation

We charge 100 – 335 € for CaravanControl installation, depending on the model that we are working with.

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